Birgit Angern-Dorgarten

My favorite idea is that of a beach house or cottage, whereto I can invite discouraged and sad souls - there we would talk about things and then begin the process of doing something good for us!

The thing is: we don´t need any more paintings! There are enough of them – on any topic there is. But then: handmade sketches and paintings - contrary to prints - change our perception of the world – and of us: they make all the difference! You wonder, how they were made, who made them, how the conditions were while painting... Did you ever think about that when you stood in front of a standard print out of the store? I tell you: I did not. Did a print ever touch you as deeply as a painting, let alone nature itself?

Not me!

You look at paintings and become part of the scenery: you step into the world, it´s getting extremely personal and has to do with you! Our paintings are softly and finely attuned to the inner involvement of the inner self.  We don´t just bang color on canvas or paper, no matter, what - we let our soul lead the brush: by painting them ourselves we take our own soul on a journey. Sketching or painting a situation you observe gives you enormous strength of mind. This can happen in any waiting situation, but occurs all the more at the lonesome ocean, because of the overwhelming solitude: the lack of distracting objects in the sky and water covers you with a satisfying peace of mind, while you observe it and paint it. You can actually feel how you calm down and develop an equilibrium with nature. The quietness of nature takes over and lays on your soul – that´s what happens all the time.

We need to open up and let our own light shine, there is no-one who cannot do it. People just haven´t tried or dared to try and experience, what ultimate pleasure and comfort can be won by really connecting themselves and their souls with nature, and creating a painting.

In ever new small groups or all by yourself you can tackle life´s tough sides by adding some good moments. It´s all about seeing - and then painting. It can start out with a little twig, after having seen it in a new way, not only looked at it with a glance. And it always ends up with people saying: “I learned to see the world differently since I began painting, I learned to observe differently, and I am curious to see things reveal their true nature. I notice a lot more things in nature; it has become overwhelmingly interesting and colorful, and I am in a deeper contact with the earth.”

"How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains"

(John Muir)

In a quick sketch you can draw the meeting of water and sky with one single horizontal line…

…or you can go from there and paint the strength of whatever lies in front of you with a much larger use of brushstrokes...

If I can encourage people to live their dreams, to grab some pen or colors and to paint in order to comfort themselves, to be balanced and create harmony in themselves and with others, to be happier than before - by experimenting on the paper and by creating their own paintings about their own life, then they will use their eyes, their intuition and their souls a lot more and we will create a better world.


All you need is a decision…